Founded in 1988, the Technical Institute/ Al-Dur is one of the Iraqi technical institutes affiliated at the time to the Technical Education Authority /Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, located in Salah al-Din province north of Baghdad, the capital, and 1 km from the Center for The District of The Role began studying at the Institute in 1989. It included four scientific departments, namely accounting, electronics and mechanics. As well as the department of pharmaceutical industries, which had a rotating education system and in coordination with the Samarra Pharmaceutical Factory for the purpose of supervising the factory on the practical and systematic training of the students of the department and then supplying the factory to the graduates of the department. The section was changed to pharmacy and in 2003 the alternating education system was changed to continuing education, and in 1995 the Department of Pathological Analysis was introduced. It is considered one of the important tributaries in the preparation of technical, medical and administrative cadres in Salaheddine province and other provinces where he is awarded a technical diploma in the disciplines of pharmacy, pathological analysis, electronics, mechanics and accounting, which has recently changed its name, the department of electronic technologies and the department of mechanical technologies for the technological department and the department of accounting technologies, which represents the administrative section of the institute and when the establishment of the four technical universities, the Institute became one of the formations of the Northern Technical University and each department has modern and advanced laboratories and specialized workshops in addition to the computer center and the Internet. Starting in the 2009-2010 academic year, the institute has re-established evening studies at the Institute and currently accommodates more than 3,000 students for morning and evening studies.


To be a leading and innovative technical institute in providing high quality educational programs and services, in a highly competitive global scientific environment. .


Providing high-quality technical education makes the target return of the education process more efficient and distinctive by developing technical capabilities, critical thinking skills and brainstorming, social and personal skills and evaluation to work constantly in a changing scientific environment.


Commitment to quality and excellence. •

Adapt to the changing needs of students and continue to offer curricula and subjects focused on education for employment.

• Preparing technical scientific staff that deal with modern technologies and in line with the changes taking place in the field of work.

Achieving international standards in technical education.

Promoting excellence in education and learning by creating an educational environment.

Providing and maintaining technical equipment and services as a necessity to support an innovative educational environment and keep pace with developments

• Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the Institute for the purpose of development at the Institute.

Providing curricula and materials that provide students with the opportunity to continuously develop their potential.

Ensuring that students participate more broadly in various activities.

Establishing positive relations with various parties concerned outside the Institute.

Establishing distinguished relationships with other technical colleges and institutes in order to share the experience gained

• Adopt quality in all future plans.

Developing teaching staff by involving them in courses inside and outside Iraq and urging scientific research and curriculum development.

Encouraging lifelong learning.

• Work to develop the preparation and efficiency of the teaching, technical and administrative staff with the expansion of the departments and facilities of the Institute and the preparation of its students.

Core values:

– The university professor has a high value and national wealth.
– The student is the focus of the learning process.
 Development is an inevitable and  ongoing situation.
Creativity, innovation and creative thinking are the foundation of success.
Teamwork in a team spirit.
  A stable and encouraging educational environment for performance supports achieving the goals.
Rehabilitation is a scientific necessity.
Faith, integrity, integrity and transparency in scientific and educational performance.
. Scientific research is one of the pillars of development.