Programme Aim

    Diploma of Immediate Ambulance the Department aims to provide technical nursing staff capable of providing immediate and first aid and nursing care for the individual in emergency and critical situations in the immediate ambulance and until he reaches the hospital.

   Ambulance of all emergency cases and critical injuries inside the ambulance until he reaches the hospital. Carrying the patient correctly without multiplying the injury , measurement of vital signs to determine the health status of the patient , Perform artificial respiration in case of respiratory failure. Massage the heart if it stops and basic CPR.

   Apply electric shocks to the device or automatic. Giving intravenous solutions in the correct ways and according to the need of the patient.

   Use of modern medical devices to diagnose the condition of the patient and monitor the development of his condition in the measurement of sugar or blood oxygen meter and monitor and use wireless communication devices and respond to wireless messages according to the approved protocols.

  The continuous evaluation according to the patient’s health status and the immediate and optimal treatment according to every development that the patient gets, the use of emergency drugs available in the ambulance and immediate ways. The ability to work together in a cooperative, cooperative and team-oriented work environment.



Mode and Duration of Study

            The student must pass at least two years of study, during which he must cover theoretical and practical teaching hours, including (2250) hours (270) hours of summer training), and a total of (150) units. The study in the department is based on the annual school system.


Medium and Course Assessment

The programme will be taught in English.

Online coursework and a list of suggested readings will be provided to help students to providing immediate and first aid and nursing care for the individual in emergency.

Assessment of each course may include assignments, mid-term examinations, project papers, and course work, as well as a final examination, which is normally held at the end of each course unless otherwise specified.

Graduation Requirements

     Diploma is obtained in the field of Immediate Ambulance after passing the theoretical and practical tests according to the number of units and weekly hours. The student must succeed in the stages (first and second stages) during a period of at least two years. The results of the final examinations of the students shall be received by the examination committees in the department. The minimum limits of success shall be (50%).

The student must complete the summer training period in l governmental hospital according to the specialization for a period of (60) days during the summer holiday in the first stage and be evaluated by the summer training committee through periodic visits and a surprise evaluation form to be filled by the trained body.

It is also a requirement to succeed and to grant a diploma certificate to the student to submit a research project in the specialization in the second row and is followed up by the supervisor in charge of supervision of research and is conducted at the end of the year, as the duration of the preparation of the research and the date of delivery and discussion is pre-defined and information of the student and then discuss Students’ research by a specialized committee in the scientific department.

The above-mentioned students collect a score of 50% according to the nature of the course. The grades are presented to the students before the end-of-year exams.


 Curriculum Structure



Total credits required: 118

118 credits for courses for two course



  The curriculum vocabulary is presented to the students at the beginning of the semester. The lecturer will show the weekly agenda during which the curriculum will be covered. Daily to enhance student follow-up during the study period. Students are also informed of the dates of the quarterly and final exams through the presentation of the university calendar of students. There may be a mismatch in the timing that there is a creep in the timing because of the security situation in the province. During the period of study in the scientific department, the student assessment procedures are carried out through:

  1. Daily examinations.
  2. Student response through active participation in the lecture.
  3. Follow up on homework assignments.
  4. First and second semester exams.


  The  student collects an assessment score calculated from 50% according to the nature of the material The exam is conducted for students according to the exam schedule and with special exam books and sealed by the exam committees where the examination books are delivered to the teacher of the subject after the names are withheld from the notebooks and the books are corrected by the teaching staff and delivered to the exam committees which collect the degree of pursuit with the final exam score.


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