9 December، 2021

The Guidance and Guidance Unit of the Institute, in cooperation with the Department of Accounting Technologies, organizes a seminar on (the harms of smoking to university students)

As part of the activities of the educational guidance and guidance unit in the Institute and through the scientific departments of the Institute, the unit organized […]
9 December، 2021

Daily follow-up of The Esteemed Brigadier General to inspect the course of lectures

Part of the daily follow-up of Mr. Brigadier General to inspect the progress of lectures and interventions of the supervisory team in the presidency of the […]
5 December، 2021

The Board of the Technical Institute holds its fourth open session for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Assistant Professor Dr. Mudher Abbas Ahmed Dean of the Institute on Wednesday, December 1, presided over the fourth open session of the academic year 2021/2022 and […]
29 November، 2021

The Department of Legal Management Techniques at the Institute organizes a simulation of a virtual court

The Department of Legal Management Technologies organized a virtual court simulation as part of the activities and requirements of the campus curriculum of the department’s students […]