DTI Units

Audit Unit

The unit was established in 1990 and is organizationally linked directly to the dean of the Institute. One of the most important tasks is to audit the accounts which include (final expenses, final income, audit of advances, audit of the secretariats, payroll audit, Cash audit in the fund and at the banks, audit of warehouses, follow-up of the administrative unit in terms of the employees ‘ files, follow-up of students affairs and audit of student files and documents issued

Services Unit

He is affiliated with the Dean for Administrative and financial affairs and is one of the units that has the responsibility to perform all the basic services at the Institute, which is responsible for: Organizing and sustaining the special wheels of the Institute. Operation and maintenance of generators at the institute. Provide the necessary fuel for both. Maintenance of the records of the wheels and generators and follow-up of their allocation and movement and issuance of the Declaration of their duties. Employment of workers with daily wages. -Perform daily basic maintenance of the Institute’s water, sewage and drainage facilities. Maintenance and repair of machinery and generators. To perform daily services at the institute from cleaning up the Institute’s annexes, afforestation and watering the gardens and work to show the Institute in a decent manner. To perform hospitality duties for visitors.

University Sports Unit

The Sports unit at the Institute aims to achieve the following objectives Raising the level of physical and health fitness for students, teachers and staff of the Institute- Work on the creation of special sports teams for the Institute and for various sporting events- Raising sports awareness among students of the institute’s departments- To strengthen the bonds of love, brotherhood and fellowship among the participants in sporting events-work to extend the links of sports cooperation between the Institute and other institutions both educational or between the provincial teams Performing extracurricular activities in the Institute and in coordination with the Department of Student activities at the university. -The establishment of periodic sports festivals for all sports activities of the cadres working at the institute and students

Internal Section Unit

This unit is affiliated to the Dean’s Assistant for scientific affairs and Studies. Its duties to supervise, maintain and furnish the internal sections and to complete their requirements and prepare them to receive the students. It also organizes housing for students and the preparation of their own housing files and supervision of students in their housing and care in all aspects of administrative, security, health and service. The Institute has two sections, the internal section for female students, and is able to accommodate 60 fully furnished and modern students in all respects and supervised by certain female supervisors. There is another internal section within the Institute newly created instead of the old section that has been cancelled and this section for 100 students. It is fully furnished and has all the comforts and accommodation and there is a reading room, kitchens and a furnished student foyer. It is supervised by specially appointed supervisors for the interior sections. It was fully rehabilitated after the devastation caused by the military operations. The internal departments received special care and periodical from the Ministry’s headquarters and from the Technical Education authority and currently the head of the northern Technical University, where they provide all the necessary requirements for the internal sections immediately and follow almost daily by the headquarters of the Authority. Supervises the internal sections of the students and all that cares about the matters of students living in the departments as well as supervising the events carried out by the students

Security unit

That will take care of the security aspect of the institute and resolve all the obstacles that prevent the provision of a suitable university environment for students and cadres working at the institute, where they have been the most important role in the current circumstances of the region’s instability in the security aspect

Civil Defense unit

This unit is responsible for issuing schedules of the Guard, adding the application of occupational safety procedures and in cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Defense of Salah al-Din province in the event of a fire or emergency situation

Rehabilitation and Employment Unit

The Rehabilitation and Employment unit at the Technical Institute means the role of linking the institution to the labor market by reducing the gap and studying the requirements of employers. One of the most important functions of the unit is to qualify graduates in terms of job search, CV development and appropriate job selection. The unit also cares about human development courses such as teamwork, time management and crisis management. This makes the student more suited to the job market