Prosthesis Department

Prosthesis Department

It is one of the newly developed medical departments established in the academic year 2018/2019. The department receives students from secondary school graduates only from the scientific (Biological) branch and from both sexes. It is one of the main outlets for supplying hospitals and health centers with technical cadres in the field of industrial limb manufacturing. The students are trained practically in specialized laboratories located in the Institute, in addition to training them in government hospitals and supervised by specialized medical staff

The aim of the Department

    The department aims to graduate qualified technical cadres have knowledge and skills to do different kinds of industry of the Prosthesis and Orthosis

The Courses of Prosthesis Department

1st Year

2nd Year

Curriculum Vocabulary of Prosthesis Department

Lecturer Name                               Job Title                                      C.V

Dr. Maksood A. Mahmood           Head of Department                          C.V

Dr. Mohammed A. Kadhom               Lecturer                                     C.V

Karam M. Zeki                          Assistant Lecturer                               C.V