DTI Divisions

 Human Resources Division

It is one of the important division in the Institute. It is linked according to the organizational structure with the Assistant dean for administrative and financial affairs. It is responsible for all personnel tasks, recruitment and selection of qualified staff, documenting all associate documents, indexing and archiving files electronically, keeping them on CD-ROMs, printing works and issuing books

Financial Division

This division was launched in 1990 and is an important division of the Institute and follows the assistant dean for administrative and financial affairs .it  has all the financial matters of the Institute, including those related to the budget, disbursement, regulation of instruments, salaries, deductions and financial benefits. Inside and outside the institute

University Performance Division

The main tasks of this Division are : preparing the admission plan for each new academic year and prepare the annual scientific plan and the annual report and write the calendar of the performance of the senior leadership and evaluate the performance of the teachers and staff every academic year as well as to build a database about the teaching staff, technical and administrative and is Updated every three months and prepared statistics on the numbers of students participating in the exams and the deployment of graduates and their restrictions

Computer and Internet Division 

The computer and internet division deals with students and with all units and departments of the institute to taught and trained them in practice for the vocabulary of computer applications in Computer Center labs .the computer and internet division has laboratory supported with internet to teach the students how to use the Internet system. As well as the implementation of specialized courses in the computer field for all the cadres of the Institute and according to the programs supervised by the Scientific division

Student Affairs Division

The main branch of students in the Institute is responsible for the admission and registration of students and their graduation after two academic years and the admission of students into two branches

Academic Branch: Includes graduates of scientific and literary branches

Professional Branch: Includes preparatory graduates in itsىindustrial and commercial branches

Scientific Division

It is one of the main units of the institute where it has many complementary scientific functions for the other departments and units of the Institute and the main duties assigned to it Follow-up of summer training for students in various state institutions and by specialization and distribution to the .services of these institutions Follow-up of other studies of the Institute’s teaching staff and technicians to study The Bachelor’s, master’s and .doctoral degrees in order to prepare cadres for the institute .Follow-up of training courses inside and outside Iraq .Preparation of various seminars at the Institute .Follow-up of planned and completed scientific research .Follow-up lectures and external lecturers Follow-up of productive activities in connection with the Advisory Office, the cooperation mechanisms and the rental .and investment of the Institute’s property .The Library of the Institute.Parallel sessions and missions inside and outside Iraq

Engineering Division

Directly linked to the dean of the Institute according to the administrative structure and the duties assigned to it are : The implementation and supervision of the new projects Preparation of designs and quantities schedules for projects needed by the Institute Maintenance of public buildings in terms of water, sanitary, electrical and mechanical… It also had the largest role in rehabilitating buildings damaged as a result of military operations

Media and Public Relations Division

It is one of the important divisions in the Institute, which is responsible for the preparation and publication of all activities and events at the Institute on the newly created private websites and social media sites as well as covering all events that participate The University and the Institute at the private and public levels The Division also has an internal radio for the Institute through which cultural awareness and other logistical matters are disseminated