Dean of DTI

Dear brothers and sisters members of the Teaching, administrative

Our dear Guests

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you

       On behalf of myself and all the members of the Technical Institute of Al- Dour, I have the honor and pleasure to welcome you to this scientific edifice, in which we hope that this hard work will continue since the establishment to apply everything that is new and distinctive in the academic and scientific process of the Institute and on Technological, managerial and medical levels

The ultimate goal we all seek is to provide the right scientific environment for students by relying on well-developed university foundations and curricula to match the requirements of modern era. Of course, this will come only through the provision of a qualified academic staff capable of delivering the correct and integrated knowledge of students in a proper and classy way that enables them to experience the difficulties of life after graduation, each according to his specialization, and that is what we want

We at this institute are delighted and honored to be an essential part of a university determined to be the beacon of science and Morality, and in turn, we aspire to support the university’s distinguished goal of being proactive and Active members in our society and to serve our dear nation

          Dr. Mudher Abbas Ahmed                                                                        

                 Assistant Professor                                                                             

The Dean of Al-Dour Technical Institute