Accounting Techniques Department

Accounting Techniques Department

The department was established in 1988. The department receives students from school graduates in branches applied , biological , literary and commercial and both sexes. The department aims to prepare middle management cadres in the field of accounting and students are trained in different state institutions and specifically in their accounting departments

First: Vision

          To improve the profession of accounting in line with the rapid economic development to achieve a high level of creativity and excellence And serves the various sectors of the economy. The department is the leading center for academic and vocational education and research at the level of Iraq through the adoption of the standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IFAC) in the field of accounting education, In addition to enhancing the role of the department to develop theoretical and applied knowledge according to the scientific, ethical, social and cultural standards of the society.

Second: The message

Enhancing the role of the accountant in achieving economic development with its neutral and supervisory role in the completion of the work, preparing and qualifying graduates with a high efficiency and effectiveness to work in the accounting fields in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and strive to develop faculty members in the department and achieve a cooperative and integrative relationship with all Relevant local and international organizations, bodies and institutions

Third:  The Objectives

Effective use of education technologies to achieve the educational outputs of the program.

Meeting the needs of the labor market for qualified human resources in the area of accounting and legal review.

Contribute to the development of the best methods of education in accounting.

Ensure the highest levels of compatibility between educational outputs and skills required from the labor market.

To prepare qualified staff adequately and adequately to take responsibility for the burden of the profession as accountants or auditors in the government sector or business sector based on the needs of the community.

To raise the level of teaching performance in line with the requirements of the department in the future by attracting outstanding scientific competencies.

Fourth:  The core values

Encourage students to adhere to the core values and maintain professional rules of conduct such as honesty, integrity, transparency of accounting work and maintaining the secrets of customers and the accountant as a key element in the elimination of financial corruption.

 The Courses of Accounting Techniques Department

 First Academic Year Courses

Second Academic Year Courses

The Curriculum

Lecturer Name                                      Job Title                               C.V

Nuha Safi Abd Ghannam                   Head of Department                    C.V

Mustafa Kamil Yousif                         Assistant Lecturer                       C.V

Abdulwahab A. Abdulwahab               Assistant Professor                     C.V

Layth A. Kamil                                  Assistant Lecturer                       C.V

Amin . H. Hamad                              Assistant Lecturer                       C.V

Nisreen Abdullah Bdowey                  Assistant  Lecturer                      C.V

Mohammed N. Saleh                         Assistant Lecturer                      C.V

Hadi M. alessawi                               Assistant Lecturer                      C.V