Dear brothers and sisters, faculty, administrative and artistic members,
Our esteemed guests
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings, and after:
On my own behalf and on behalf of all members of the Technical Institute, I am honored and pleased to welcome you to this scientific edifice, where we hope that this hard and serious work will continue since the establishment to implement everything new and distinguished in the academic and scientific process of the Institute and at the technological, administrative and medical level.
The ultimate goal of all of us is to provide the right scientific climate for students by relying on advanced university foundations and curricula that meet the requirements of the modern era. Of course, this will only come by providing a qualified academic staff capable of delivering the right and integrated knowledge to students properly and accurately enabling them to experience the difficulties of life after graduation, each according to their specialization, and this is what they have set out to do.
 At this institute, we are delighted and honored to be an essential part of a university determined to be a “beacon of science and ethics”, and in our role we aspire to support the university’s outstanding goal of being a glowing flag beam that illuminates the sky of this giving nation.